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Presbyopia describes an age-related condition similar to farsightedness. It typically becomes noticeable around age 45. In children and young adults, the lens inside the eye can easily focus on distant and near objects. With age, the lens loses its ability to focus on items close to the eyes. Although presbyopia is not completely understood, experts think that the lens and its supporting structures lose the ability to change shape or make the lens longer during close vision efforts.


To compensate for the difficulty in seeing objects close up, affected individuals usually find that holding reading material farther away makes the image clearer.


People with presbyopia typically need aids, such as reading glasses, by the mid-forties. Other treatment options include reading vision surgery, LASIK vision correction, and refractive lens exchange surgery. Please note that we do not handle LASIK vision correction surgery directly at Washington Eye Specialists, but we are part of the Vision Innovation Partners network and can refer you to a number of excellent providers for your LASIK needs.