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Secure Portal

Washington Eye Specialists is pleased to announce that we will be switching to a new Patient Portal this Spring! The exact date is pending and will be communicated ahead of the launch of the new portal. You will still have access to your current portal until the launch of the new portal. However once the new portal launches, the current portal will no longer be accessible. This means your records from the current patient portal are only available to download or transmit now through the launch of the new portal this Spring. Click here for instructions to download or transmit your health information from the current portal.


Benefits of our Patient Portal:

  • Ease of access – the portal is easy to navigate, and user friendly!
  • You can log in anywhere from your computer, tablet, or phone with internet access.
  • You can communicate with your doctor around the clock via encrypted online messaging. Please note that while you may initiate correspondence at any time, we will only receive, and respond to your messages during normal business hours.
  • You can request an appointment.
  • You can review and update your information any time prior to your appointment to save time in the office. This includes past medical history; medications; allergies; family, and social history; and your preferred pharmacy.
  • You can view your medical information. This includes diagnoses, visit notes, educational handouts, and test results.
  • If you are a patient representative like a parent, guardian, or POA, you may access the patient’s portal on their behalf.



Contact us today at 202.529.5200 or visit our FAQs page for additional information.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement this new system. We aspire to continue to provide you with excellent patient care while improving our patient service.